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Unbreakable Body

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  • Access to weekly LIVE Zoom Coaching Calls
  • Access to the Private Facebook Community
  • Access to both the Unbreakable Body & the Lifestyle Accelerator 
  • Access to all new research & modules for both programs

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  • Lifetime access to weekly LIVE Zoom Coaching Calls
  • Lifetime access to the Private Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to both the Unbreakable Body & the Lifestyle Accelerator 
  • Lifetime access to all new research & modules for both programs

VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching & Lifetime Membership

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  • 6 one to one private sixty minute recorded Zoom calls with me. 
  • LIFETIME access to the Unbreakable Body
  • Me as your personal mentor for 3 months
  • Exclusive documents & material in Nutrition, Sleep, Mindset, & Boosting your Immune System 


VIP Coaching six individual one hour coaching sessions with me. We will use Zoom software which allows you to join the meeting with one click (no registration to an account needed.) All coaching sessions will be recorded, giving you the ability to go back and listen/watch again. Having a video & audio copy of our conversation takes the fear of not writing something down or forgetting a vital point away!

What Comes with VIP COACHING?

Here is a breakdown of the six coaching sessions. Coaching sessions are separated by two weeks. During these three months, you will have me as your mentor & coach. The phone calls are every fourteen days, but my email and our conversation are 24 hours.

All VIP Clients will receive a private playlist containing videos specific to their pain or injury. Your personalized playlist will optimize the rehab progress making you pain-free much faster

Coaching Session #1. Eat Right & Personal Meal Plan - Learn about the latest in functional medicine nutrition and how it can optimize and fuel your day when done correctly. Understand the consequences poor nutritional choices bring. We are what we eat. This week comes with a 10-day meal plan with recipes laid out in a simple format to follow.

Coaching Session #2. Sleep. It is that simple. One out of every fourteen thousand people can sleep six hours and not be negatively affected by it. Statistically, you are most likely not one of them. Learn the latest sleep research and use my simple Call to Action sheet to make the change. You will live longer, feel better, and be more productive - all with sleeping more, not less.

Coaching Session #3. Breath Better. Most people don’t breathe correctly. Crazy, I know. If your diaphragm is not activated while breathing your nervous system is in a constant fight & flight mode. Keeping your body in this state is dangerous and counterproductive. Learn how to breathe right, and your stress will reduce, workout times will get better, and you will feel great.

Coaching Session #4. The microbiome (your gut) makes up 80% of your immune system. When your stomach is broken/weak, so are you. We need a balance of good & bad bacteria to optimize its function. Learn what destroys it (synthetic foods and medicines) and what makes it stronger. 

Coaching Session #5. Cold Exposure. It is time to get out of your comfort zone - pun intended. Research shows that specific protein (known as extreme proteins) which activate in excessive levels of stress in our body. These proteins help battle cancer & immune, causing agents that break us down. This module is uniquely personal to me. I went from being sick 4-5x yearly - TO NEVER. I have not been sick in 3 years, and the extreme I take the cold exposure to will blow your mind. This module will teach you the tools to do the same.

Coaching Session #6. The Morning Routine. This module is where we put it all together. I will teach you my mindfulness tricks like character transformation. You will NEVER reach your dreams, but achieve your standards with ease. Make your dreams your standards and magic will happen. Combine this with the other tools we discuss along with your daily action plan pdf, and you will be unstoppable. 

Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

No strings attached! If you are not happy, walk away with your money back.

What is the Unbreakable Body?

The Unbreakable Body is a two-part program. The first module teaches you the movement education system you never received. The human body is the most sophisticated machine to date, and this program is your owners manual. You would never run your car without oil, and it will stop once it runs out of gas. However, day after day, we are running our tanks on empty and combining that with improper movement and a sedentary lifestyle that is robbing us of our mobility.

You are built to spec. We did this to ourselves. The Unbreakable body is your step by step primer with over 300 videos and 100 progressive rehab/prehab workouts to give you the knowledge and tools to empower you to change.

  • 250+ mobility & core exercises, stretches, and fun anatomy videos teaching you how to become and stay pain-free. Each lesson is laid out in a module/step format to promise a smooth, easy to understand user experience
  •  100+ progressive rehab/prehab workouts to keep you engaged and always learning
  •  A Facebook Community to share experiences, post videos of movement, ask questions and gain support. Along with weekly videos from me  
  •  Live Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls. I use Zoom over Facebook so you can click in and talk to me face to face 

The LifeStyle Accelerator

The second module focuses on Lifestyle and is a collection of my academic education, life experiences, and my trials & errors wrapped into four interactive modules. The nutrition module teaches the latest functional medicine research regarding diet & food, and I match it with my personal experience where food caused my ADHD & depression. The Sleep Science Module starts with some eye-opening facts and ends with some easy modifications to your daily routine that will make you bulletproof. The Immune Boost Module dives into how the use of cold showers, hot sauna’s and breathing practices helped me go from being sick every three months - to not one time in the last four years. The Mindfulness module teaches you the tools that I learned from a two-year emotional growth school, surviving a revolution, and battling half of my life with depression & ADHD. Learn how to turn your weaknesses into strengths and crush your day - every day! 

  • The latest nutritional research from the field of functional medicine backed with my story of eliminating ADHD & Depression through diet
  •  Sleep science research that will BLOW YOUR MIND with my proven program to get your sleeping better than ever
  •  Boost your immune system & never get sick. Learn how breathing, cold showers, and saunas can make you BULLETPROOF 
  •  Mindset - It all starts above the neck. Learn simple & effective ways to crush your day, turn your weaknesses into strengths, & appreciate be thankful for your flaws 
Questions? No Problem! Email me HERE

All Memberships Include:

  • Live Weekly Zoom Calls with Me. Click in with Video and ask me your questions face to face
  • A Facebook Community of Optimism & Support from your peers and me
  • Access to both The Unbreakable Body & the LifeStyle Accelerator  
  • New research and modules are posted here! No need to “upgrade” to receive the latest information  



David Grant

The Unbreakable Body & LifeStyle Accelerator was born from the passion and my commitment to change. I wanted to combine the use of physiotherapy, rehabilitation & lifestyle to help others enhance and optimize their life. From a young age, I was diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, depression, and bipolar disorder; all diseases which were supplemented with Ritalin, Adderall, and Prozac. Years later, I discovered that food allergies were the culprit—all of my so-called “illnesses” were easily treatable with diet and exercise. My issues were coupled with excruciating pain from my scoliosis and a muscular system that always leans towards the tight & immobile side. This lead to shoulder impingement, achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, and multiple other painful issues all related to my poor mobility. Countless doctors and physical therapists related this to my scoliosis and told me there was nothing I could do.  

This was the beginning of my path that defined Grant Training Systems. In 2004 I graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Sports Medicine & Athletic Training (sports physiotherapy). I hold a Masters in Human Performance and Injury Prevention from the California University of Pennsylvania. During my undergraduate & postgraduate degree, I worked with numerous collegiate and professional sports teams. I was the assistant to Pat Etcheberry, one of the most famous strength coaches for professional tennis. Together we prepared tennis legends like Justine Henin, Martina Hingis, James Blake, the Brian Brothers and Victoria Azarenka for Grand Slam tournaments. After moving to Arizona, I worked with Victoria Azarenka, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Kyle Brady, Kelly Walsh, Misty May, and Jamarcus Russel.  

Ever thought about moving to Egypt? I did. And I did it. In 2008, I assisted its tennis federation in building one of the best junior players in the country. Five years later, after traveling around the world as the physio and strength coach for junior tennis player Karim Hossam, he had an impressive record of no significant injuries and an international ranking of 11th in the world. My experience in Egypt led me to learn Arabic and to participate in the Egyptian Revolution. In a defining moment that I was under a bridge with bullets and rocks flying over my head that I decided to leave and create my reality.  

The implementation of mobility and stretching, along with cold therapy, breathing techniques, mental training, and mindfulness has been able to reverse scoliosis, poor posture, and chronic shoulder tendonitis/plantar fasciitis without the use of medication.  

I serve as an adjunct lecturer for the University of Tubingen’s Sports Science Program, where I teach my curriculum on Movement, Mobility, Rehabilitation, and Lifestyle.  

Questions? No Problem! Email me HERE